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Building Distinctive Homes 

The Art of Customization with Generation Homes 

Building a custom home is a collaborative, creative process—one that Generation Homes takes to heart. We believe our emphasis on beautiful kitchen design, custom cabinets, and livability sets us apart from other builders—and makes our homes stand out in every neighborhood. Our building philosophy includes the customer: we can’t wait to reflect your personality in every space you live in! 

Custom Homes Built for You: Design Your Dream Home with Generation Homes 

Generation Homes is more than happy to build on any lot you bring to the table—but we also have great communities to choose from with home designs that offer an expansive array of customization options. While most builders struggle to accommodate even simple changes, Generation Homes goes above and beyond—ensuring that the home reflects the unique personality and preferences of its future family. 

“Making sure our homes fit our customers’ needs and desires is very important to our team. We offer numerous options for both interior and exterior selections—and if there is a particular item someone wants, like a custom front door—we are happy to make that happen for them.”

– Rachel Olin, Generation Homes Team Member 

Building Your Future: The Generation Homes Process 

Generation Homes understands that simplicity and affordability are paramount in the homebuilding journey. Our streamlined process ensures that even with extensive customizations, the experience remains straightforward. We work closely with clients to understand their vision, guiding them through each step of the building process to make informed decisions.

From the very first meeting, we take the time to learn how your family lives. We work with you to find your perfect home plan—or, create a custom floor plan just for you. From the initial walk of your property to designing the kitchen, we’ll be with you every step of the way to take the guesswork and create a workable budget. 

Our transparent pricing model and cost-effective options enable clients to tailor their homes without compromise. By leveraging our expertise and efficient construction practices, we strive to deliver high-quality, customized homes that exceed expectations while still maintaining affordability. 

Our customization process is simple and begins with your chosen floor plan. Does it fit your lifestyle requirements? If any structural/layout changes are necessary, we alter the plans with our in-house designer before finalizing any part of our construction contract. 

Customizations are always common! And we welcome everyone’s ideas. The most prevalent changes made to homes are also the most personal. We’ve found that covered patios and outdoor living spaces have skyrocketed in popularity, and our customers often want to choose their own lighting fixtures. We’re happy to accommodate both of these desires. Many customers also adjust the kitchen designs—which is understandable, as the kitchen is the hub of every home. A full tile backsplash comes standard, but many customers who upgrade to a quartz countertop often choose a quartz stone backsplash as well. 

At Generation Homes, turning your dream home into a reality is not only about customization but also about making the entire homebuilding process accessible, straightforward, and cost-effective. 

Distinctively Yours: Custom Design at your Fingertips 

At the center of the design journey is Ashley Shaddy with West Haven Design. She brings a wealth of experience (20 years!) and talent to every Generation Homes home interior—and is available to help each customer design their dreams.

“I’m a sounding board for the customer; finishes can appear vastly different under various lighting scenarios! It’s important to me that the customer consider each design choice as a lifetime investment—what is the product’s durability? The functionality? Perhaps they are simply following a design trend that will quickly go out of style. By understanding what we’re trying to accomplish, I can help each and every homeowner make beautiful, quality decisions that they’ll love.”

– Ashley Shaddy. 

Generation Homes customers meet with Ashley after finalizing their home layout. She spends many hours with each buyer in three separate meetings—the first begins at the model home, where they will do a thorough walk-through discussing all the points of the home the buyer loves and all the parts they’d change. 

The second meeting takes place at Northwood Cabinets, where Generation Homes customers can truly explore their kitchen design, customize their cabinets, and select upgrades (if desired). There are countless ways to personalize a kitchen through cabinetry—each decision builds upon the next—creating a style guide that speaks volumes. Are you interested in farmhouse white? A European laminated door? Real wood? These choices will shape the ‘style language’ throughout the rest of the home. 

A third meeting at the Macadam home store will bring everything together—from flooring to base, paint colors to lighting. 

And if a client wants something really custom? Says Ashley, “I’m happy to join in a design decision with any vendor—the choices are endless!” 

“I find inspiration at design shows and make sure to attend at least one KBIS and IBS show per year. I follow the design trends through industry media and online buzz—and I love to travel. Traveling out of the PNW allows me to see multi-geographical design; the colors, the shapes, and the function of new product.”

– Ashley Shaddy. 

At Generation Homes, we pride ourselves on offering extensive customization options to bring your dream home to life. For exteriors, extended covered patios are a popular choice, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces. In terms of layout changes, our clients often opt to redesign primary suite bathrooms, add windows for more natural light, and adjust kitchen layouts. 

Our commitment to flexibility extends to modifying floorplans for multi-generational living, ensuring homes cater to diverse family needs. When it comes to light fixtures, our varied packages cater to different tastes, or buyers can personalize their selections. Full-tile backsplashes are standard, but clients often choose to upgrade for a personal touch. The most common countertop customization involves upgrading to solid quartz in bathrooms. Flooring choices include upgrading to laminate on stairs and in bedrooms or opting for Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP). Our commitment to customization ensures every aspect of your home reflects your unique style and preferences! 

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Interior Design elements

What is the best way to prepare for a design meeting with Ashley? Gather all of your ideas into one place—whether that is a file folder full of magazine clippings or a Pinterest board of your favorite home designs. Pay close attention to house exteriors. What color schemes catch your attention? Remember, there is typically both a body color and a trim color to choose. And—are there additional exterior details that add beauty and function to the home? 

“Design trends are always changing! It’s just a fact that colors and textures will always go in and out of style. Warm wood tones, stone, and all things European are making a resurgence—and green. Green is having a significant moment! Consider green powder rooms, wall treatments, and wallpaper—it’s a deep and nurturing color that brings the outside indoors.”

– Ashley Shaddy. 

As we step into 2024, interior home design trends are reflecting a fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary sensibilities. Warm woods, inviting textures, and stone take center stage, infusing spaces with a sense of comfort and authenticity. The year ahead sees a resurgence of European influences, where designs lean towards warmer tones and a harmonious mix of whites. However, while the industry may bid farewell to the dominance of grays, the Pacific Northwest remains captivated by their enduring appeal. 

We continue to see wallpapers and wall treatments emerging as dynamic design elements, providing a canvas for personal expression. In various shades, green takes a notable spot in the color palette, introducing a refreshing and rejuvenating vibe to interiors. Bringing the outside in has never been so fun! 

Additionally, mixed metals continue to gain popularity, allowing homeowners to experiment with diverse finishes and adding layers of visual interest to each room. No longer are you encouraged to match lighting finishes with cabinet hardware and plumbing fixtures. Consider this ‘rule’ broken! Designers combine brass and nickel, matte blacks, and chrome. And lighting? In 2024, lighting transcends its functional role—transforming into an art statement meant to complement the overall aesthetic. 

Interior design trends
Interior design trends

For enduring elegance, you can count on stone and concrete elements to prevail, exuding a timeless charm. Tiles and slabs featuring veining patterns maintain their popularity, while off-white and cream cabinets persist as classic choices in the kitchen. 

Whether you incorporate warm tones, experiment with textures, or embrace mixed metals, 2024 promises to be a year where homes become canvases for individual expression and design innovation. 

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Interior design elements

Why Choose Generation Homes: Elevating Homeownership

Generation Homes is more than a builder; we are curators of personalized living experiences. Our commitment to customization, along with the hands-on involvement of Aaron Helmes and the expertise of the in-house design team and Ashley Shaddy, means that our clients are expertly positioned to set their homes apart from the rest.

From the initial blueprint to the final strokes of design, Generation Homes offers customers an immersive home-building experience. With a commitment to going beyond the ordinary, Generation Homes is not just building homes; we are crafting dreams into reality.

At Generation Homes, we’re always happy to help you work through this decision and explore your options. Contact us with any questions or concerns you might have or to learn more.

The team at Generation Homes brings over 50 years of homebuilding experience, building modern and vibrant new homes in our communities throughout Clark County, Washington. We’re a fresh experience to homebuilding, where your ideas come to life with a team of passionate builders, designers, and trade partners. Our mission is simple: provide the best products, design, and customer care.